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Favorite Kosher restaurant?

There’s a couple of big cities with tons of great Kosher restaurants, ranging from elite high-class expensive places to run-of-the-mill Pizza shops and aesthetic cafes. We’re talking NYC, Florida, Paris, anywhere in Israel, there’s a lotta great places out there. What’s your favorite Kosher place you’ve been to?

  • For pizza, imma go with the OG Kingston Pizza in Crown Heights, that schaiss never gets old.
  • For steak, Reserve Cut in Manhattan is the go-to place. It’s hecka expensive, but such fire meat. Wall Street Grill, Prime On Avenue (TO), and Fuego (FL) are some good runner-ups as well.
  • For ice cream definitely gotta recommend Inside Scoop in Toronto, genuinely some of the best soft-serve I’ve ever had, and officially the mix is the same wherever you go. The old lady who runs it cares a lot for her machine, so that could be a reason why.
  • For a cafe, Artisan Bakehouse in Brooklyn and Sips (Formerly Second Cup in TO) are both great options. Artisan’s cream cheese cinnamon buns are not to be passed on.

There’s a whole bunch more that I do not remember the names of, a really good breakfast place in Golder’s Green in London, a bunch of amazing restaurants in Yerushalayim, literally anywhere you go in Paris good grief that city is blessed with good food.

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