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Early studying phase before a potential conversion. Any Montreal Jews open to socializing and helping me understand stuff?

I’m super excited at the prospect of learning more about Judaism. It’s still a long ways off but I’m looking forward to making that journey as much as reaching the destination. It’s been something I’ve been interested in for 7-8 years and I decided finally to take the plunge; spoke to a local Rabbi about getting started seriously.

Trying in my own fumbling way to observe Shabbat and hope to get better each time. Will take it one step at a time with kosher, the holidays, attending services, etc. I’m lucky that my partner is onboard with me on this journey as well.

Along the way, would love to make friends with Jews that feel they’d like to help out someone completely new to this. That’s why I figured I’d make this post with my location.

Either way, I’ll be lurking around, so figure I’d say hello.

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