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Do you believe g-d guides your every move? Somewhere in between?

I was recently on a trip to LA, in the Pico Robertson area, with a friend and her friends for a birthday. I don’t know these people well, just my friend S. As we were stuck in traffic, one friend of S voiced concerns on getting lost. Another friend of S said g-d would guide them, literally, to the destination. She ever suggested g-d could control the GPS.

Another topic of my friend S going fuller orthodox came up. About not being able to have any contact with men until marriage or something. Other topics like complete kosher restaurants and the like came up. One friend of S seemed to think that if S lost friends (by drifting away or something), g-d was guiding the process.

It would be great of g-d could interfere with LA traffic, but I don’t get it. The whole idea of g-d personally guiding everything took my by surprise. If g-d is guiding everything, I’d like to know what fetus me or baby me did to get dealt such a hand in life.

Anyways….what are your thoughts? Should it be taken literally?

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