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Didn’t know how bad racism against Jews was until now

Hey guys! In case you don’t know, I’m a mixed man who found a few weeks back that I was ethnically Jewish through my late mother. This shocked me as the only people who knew were some of my relatives, my grandmother(who is the Jewish one) and my LITTLE SISTER haha.

Anyways after I found out I felt completely welcomed by the community, and it helped that I was already studying Jewish culture purely out of interest.

But it’s so wack, what I deal with now! I deal with racism for being a lighter skinned black man already, but now people will actively say “I don’t like Jews” or “I hate jews” to me (over the phone on Chatroulette/Monkey and such) and it’s so strange.

Racism in general is strange. I did nothing to these people, we’re all human, yet because our ancestors were in X location in history, we’re just the scum of the earth. I seen anti semitism from a black perspective, but to see it from the inside… Jesus (no pun intended).

I respect all of you who proudly flaunt and accept this great heritage! This newfound hate won’t stop me from living my best life, and I won’t hide this reality from myself or anyone else.

Have a great day everyone!

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