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Did i break shabbat for a good reason?

I’m a security guard and I protect synagogues on shabbos. We have the Jewish security and a goy guard.

I am in no way shomre but like to keep it when I’m at shuls. The security guard on site didn’t know how cold it was going to be so he underdressed. I felt bad for him so I made a plan to build a small fire so he can atleast have some warmth while he’s there.

People went to the head of the security and complained that I’m not upholding to the shabbos standards and should know better than to break shabbos for no good reason.

I would like to argue that I didn’t necessarily break it for no good reason. This man gets to site early in the morning and leaves very late at night. I would like to see it as a form of tsedaka to make sure he is warm and comfortable.

Could I be clued up on where I stand I.e. sin vs reward?

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