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Diaspora Jews and Israeli Jews

Hi I just want to state my opinion. I think the bond and brotherhood between Israeli Jews and diaspora Jews is remarkable and awesome!!! For example, Israeli education minister naftali Bennett said that all Jews around the world should know that Israel awaits them with open arms. Israeli Jews say if you are a Jew who moves to Israel, we will help you with housing,employment, education, language and more. The diaspora Jews advocate for Israel, donate to Israeli and Jewish causes etc. I think Jews are so lucky and blessed to be part of a people who have each others backs. On a side note, I was reading on the website quora, and it says that Israeli Jews and american Jews are actually quite different from each other in some ways. Israeli Jews are stereotyped as being very blunt, direct, and being straight to the point; American Jews not so much. I thought that was interesting. I was also watching Corey Gil-shusters video and he was asking Israeli Jews what they think of diaspora Jews, and the Israeli Jews said they feel connected to diaspora Jews etc. so I just want to ask the Jews of r Judaism, how do you relate to Israeli Jews?? Lol might be dumb question but plz don’t mind me asking!!! Lol. Just curious

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