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Death and Intermarriage

A woman with young children who attends my synagogue just lost her husband (and father of the kids) to brain cancer. They both learned about the cancer last Monday and he had passed by Wednesday.

To further complicate the matter the woman is Jewish, she and the kids practice Judaism (she takes them to Jewish holidays, events, sometimes services, etc.) But her husband was a practicing Catholic. His parents have taken over everything regarding the funeral–he’s getting full Catholic rites. She has no part in this. She’s never been to a Catholic funeral, visitation, etc. She’s in a very difficult position. I can only imagine what she is going through.

I just wanted to post this for everyone who is intermarried (and, frankly, not intermarried) to discuss final plans with your spouse and family. That way, if something occurs suddenly, no one is caught more off guard. I couldn’t imagine my in-laws planning my wife’s funeral without me. The whole situation is terrible.

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