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Dear Yemenite Jews

Hey everyone, I am from Yemen (never lived there tho), and have always been interested in Yemenite Jews ever since I knew there was once a great population of Jews in Yemen. I really like their music, including musicians such as Zion Golan, and recently stumbled upon A-WA. I am always on Youtube watching videos related to Yemenite Jews, because I simply appreciate the diversity in religion. I believe Yemenite Jews are an essential part of Yemen, and they, just like other Muslim Yemenis have the right to live in Yemen in peace. Sadly, one can only dream of this happening. But really I am just here to say that I really acknowledge them as part of the country since they’ve been there for 2000+ years.

Thank you, and sorry if this is off-topic, I thought this is the only place I can deliver that message to any of them.

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