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Davening and questions about non-obvious halacha

Hello all! I had a couple questions about davening and the mechanical aspects of how to do it (I’m in the process of progressively becoming more observant and my wife and I have added the daily prayers to our home schedule). My prayers take extremely long (3 hours or so for shacharit including about 30 mins of personal prayers) compounded by what I strongly suspect is religious OCD. Prayers are hard for me.

So I had a few questions. 1 What does your timing look like for the prayers and how can I become faster? 2 do I have to vocalise the prayers aloud? 3 what happens when I mispronounce words, which happens often (see the OCD point above).

I may think of others and if so will edit but I’d really like to get some insight from those who know more than me. Thanks!

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