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Cultural "phantom limb": Do you feel a sense of loss, maybe painful, because of the destruction of German-Jewish culture and a desire for reconciliation or the reconstruction/resurrection thereof?

Eric Weinstein, the mathematician and Silicon Valley guru, recently mentioned in his interview program The Portal that he feels a sense of cultural loss because of the destruction of German-Jewish culture and hopes for a kind of reconciliation in the near future. Link here (it’s somewhere in the middle). What are your thoughts on this? Have you learned any Yiddish? Have you traveled to Germany or Austria for work or pleasure?

Anecdotally, the Jewish parts of my extended family have almost entirely shed the identity, not just of Yiddish-speaking Ashkenazi culture, but of Jewishness itself.

I am partly interested in this question because I grew up in the US immersed in an unarticulated but very strong undercurrent of German and German-Jewish culture, the extent of which I only realized as I learned German as an adult (work in progress). As an example: I learned to sing Felix Mendelssohn’s Lerchengesang while at a middle-school music camp.

EDIT: relevant segment in the linked video starts at ~1:35:40

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