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Converts welcome?

Hi there everyone!

So I would really appreciate some assistance trying to understand what the rules are on conversion. I have done research online and read some of the posts in this community and haven’t really found a fitting answer for my situation. So here is a little bit about me:

I was raised seventh day adventist (christian) for a decent chunk of my life. Seventh day adventists share one interesting tradition with judaism which is sabbath day. Saturday. This, among other things sparked my ongoing interest in judaism. Growing up I was exposed to people of many different faiths. In the last city I lived in the jewish community is very strong. That is also where I went to university. While there I learned some jewish history and audited a couple yiddish classes (as I was also taking german at the time). I have never been able to put my finger on it but I have always felt an affinity for Judaism.

There are rumors in the family that on my mum’s side we are jewish, way back when. When I took a dna test last year, like many people, i found out i did indeed have a very small percentage of ashkenazi jewish ancestry.

Its hard to describe but for me this dna test felt like the final piece in a puzzle. Like it validated something I had been feeling all along.

Of course I understand there is a lot more to converting than some spit in a tube.

I feel as though I am motivated enough to fully convert but one of my biggest fears at the moment is acceptance. I visited the only synagogue in my current town and the people there for the most part were actually pretty nice. I have been considering going back and most likely speaking with the Rabbi there about everything.

I am just not sure how to go about it. I have gathered some materials for learning hebrew and yiddish. I have been going through basic books on judaism just to educate myself.

So to wrap up i suppose my questions are: What makes a good conversion candidate? How are converts viewed in the community? Do you have any other tips or advice for me?

Thank you all in advance. All advice is welcome.

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