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Converts and Self-Identifiers?

So tl;dr, I live in the Midwest US and would like to convert to Judaism but there are some roadblocks and I can’t formally convert at the moment. I’m learning more, though, through my own study and through my Jewish friends, as well as observing Shabbat.

I’ve had a question plaguing me for a while now, after I took a survey or something a few weeks ago and was asked for my religious views. Of course, it was only the typical kind of “check one only” thing, where they had Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hindu, Wicca, Agnostic/Atheist listed. In addition to that, religion is a topic that comes up a lot for various reasons and I struggle very often to for a response (like a few months ago I was in social justice training for my job, and religious privilege came up, which was very hard to answer because I’m not a Christian but I’m also not Jewish yet but also I don’t really fit into agnostic/atheist).

I know that I’m not yet Jewish, so I don’t say that I am. But does anyone have a suggestion for what to say in those sorts of situations? I apologize if this is a silly question, I just don’t want to say anything out of line.

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