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Hello! My name is Jakob and I was born and raised as a Protestant Christian my entire life in Mississippi. I never underwent baptism in Christianity because my parents believed it was not done until I felt ready. I, however, never felt ready because I always felt a dissociation with Christianity, almost like something just wasn’t right or I felt no real connection. This was a VERY bad thing, especially growing up in Rural Mississippi right smack in the Bible Belt. None of my family is anything except for Christian, I was always taught Muslims were violent, Jewish people were evil people who killed Jesus, and atheists were just damned to hell. Once I moved out and moved to New Jersey I started looking into other religions because I again felt no real connection. I felt absolutely horrible “betraying” what I was raised to be, but then I discovered Judaism, specifically Reform Judaism. (I like the Liberal aspect of it mostly) I can honestly say I have NEVER been happier in my life! I’m still in the very very beginning of converting but I feel so connected with the Tanach and many of the rules and bylaws of Judaism. My rabbi told me to “live your life as if you were Jewish and see how you feel” after she tried to deny a couple times! I religiously wear my Yalmulka (think it’s spelled right) and follow all the prayers religiously, still trying to learn Hebrew because there is a LOT of it and I eat Kosher! I know this may sound mediocre but living my life by the Tanach and even the small things make me feel so happy and so connected to both G-D and myself. I even learned my first prayer in Hebrew that I can actually recite in Hebrew!!!(Modeh Ani). Mind you, praying while I was Christian seemed like such a hassle and I hated church, I never wanted to go and now I want to basically live in my temple, my Rabbi is being so supportive and she is the kindest woman I’ve ever met! I just wanted to share my story and how happy it can make someone who went from not understanding the religion to trying to live it everyday, I’m definitely still learning and doing my best to become the best i can be and am so motivated for my eventual Mikvah that I can barely contain it!!!!

Sorry for the long post but thanks for those who read!!!

Shalom, Jakob

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