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Conversion discrimination by non Jews

Hello everyone!

I am on a path to conversion and couldn’t be happier. I found a lovely Conservative community where I attend services and events, have been meeting with the Rabbi at that synagogue who has been wonderful and welcoming. I have met people at temple who have been very welcoming, friendly, and just all around awesome. When I share my status as a “looking to convert” Jew, they’re thrilled for me, wish me the best of luck, and are always offering themselves as resources in case I have questions re traditions, holidays, temple life, etc. Seriously, they have been so cool about my journey!!!

The problem is actually non-Jewish friends and coworkers. Oddly enough I’ve gotten push back. I’ve been told things like: “Well, you know you’ll never be a real Jew, since you have to be born to one” and “Why don’t you eat dairy and meat? That rule is stupid.” And other ridiculous things along those lines. I’ve chosen not to engage with these comments as I think it’s not worth the hassle and most importantly, my conversion is a deeply personal and spiritual decision that won’t be affected/guided by these random comments. But these are still happening despite my disengagement policy. What can I say/do to politely yet firmly remind these folks that my religious observance is no one’s business but my own and my Rabbi’s?

Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this matter!


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