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Conversion by marriage

Hey I was wondering how converting to Judaism via marriage works, specifically in Australia I don’t have a great relationship with my partner’s family so I am unable to ask them but as the dah gets closer, the amount of questions about whether or not I am converting increases and I have started to think about it in a more serious manner. His family are more…relaxed I suppose and they view Judaism as more of a culture than a religion and my partner would very much like me to be a part of that part of his world

So a few of the questions I have are: 1. Do I convert then get married or is it done after marriage? Or does it not matter? 2. What exactly does it entail? Is there a ceremony, is there anything specific I need to do to prepare or is it a “congratulations you have converted” kind of deal

Thank you for being patient with me as I am definitely not well versed in this area of things but am trying to learn with the help of my partner so I can see if this is something I should genuinely, seriously consider

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