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Construction of the Temple without destroying the Dome of the Rock – is it possible?

This is a little wild, and thought up while fasting today, but I want to see what y’all think.

Is it permissible for a rebuilt beit hamikdash (with or without Moshiach) to be constructed in such a way as to incorporate the physical building of the Dome into it? Perhaps scaled so large that the Dome fits into, or becomes the physical structure of, the kodesh kedoshim?

I know very little about the prophesied dimensions of the messianic-era beit hamikdash. But what I recall from grade school is that the dimensions just don’t add up as described in pshat. I could (and probably am) very wrong about that, though.

I understand that there are fringe theories about alternative locations for the beis hamikdash, both on har habayit and elsewhere. For the sake of this question, I am assuming that those theories remain fringe and unacceptable (see also here). The correct placement of the kodesh kedoshim, as the majority opinion states, is on the stone at the center of the Dome.

Please also don’t dismiss this question as a desire to placate Muslim opponents to Temple construction. I recognize that almost any Jewish activity on or near har habayit prompts riots or worse. This question is because I strongly believe in the value of historical art and architecture; I just don’t want us to be like ISIS blowing up artefacts. The Dome should either stay where it is or, if it physically cannot exist in the same space as the Temple, be removed and rebuilt in a museum (which does happen sometimes).

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