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Conservative Hebrew School 2x a week vs. Chabad 1x?

So I am a Jewish millenial from a very traditional (not orthodox in the strictest sense) family, was not too observant in my youth but am coming back. My wife is totally secular but we celebrate all the holidays, do kiddush and havdalah, don’t eat pork, I go to synagogue several times a month etc. I believe jewish identity is very important, and that its done right. I guess I am one of those people who acknowledges that I don’t observe everything, but don’t personally appreciate innovations that Conservative/Reform movements have tried to do. This is possibly because my family is from the Former Soviet Union. Ideally, I would like to send my kids to a jewish day school, but it may not work out due to my wife not being so in favor of the idea. My basic question is this: can a chabad hebrew school that meets once a week really give the same background and knowledge as a conservative twice a week program? I went to a conservative hebrew school myself, but I don’t know if my current commitment comes from that or more likely, my family background. I also am uncomfortable with girls reading torah in mixed congregations, etc, but want any daughter I have to be as engaged as possible given my situation. I really don’t know what the right choice is- it sucks that in my neighborhood (south brooklyn) there really is no orthodox after-school system, its day school or nothing. Curious as to your thoughts.

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