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Challah Tips?

I’ve been volunteering to braid challah for both the Hillel and Chabad at my university for about a year now and I decided to finally try my hand at making challah. I used this recipe that I found online and it turned out great, save for the fact that it made too much bread. I think I might half it when I make some more tomorrow. I was very pleasantly surprised when the dough rose as I’m baking at almost 8000 feet.

Do any of you have any alternative recipes or tips and tricks? I used the recipe above but I incorporated cinnamon into the dough as I was adding flour, and then later chocolate chips. I’m thinking of maybe adding raisins too.

Here’s a photo of my last batch of challah. I don’t think I applied the egg wash correctly as the bread came our very pale: yalla yalla let’s get this challah

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