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Can’t ever fail when you have Emunah and Bitachoin in Hashem

I have absolutely zero doubt this moment that Hashem will provide for all his creation. As mentioned in the Gemara, G-D provides for all his creations, the ants in the field and dogs of the streets do not starve and are provided for by HaShem, so how much more so are we, human beings the crown of creation ( G-d will certainly not let us starve either! )

Something insane happened this morning. I woke up today with jealousy in my heart when I looked on snapchat and was envious of my friends who were out on vacation while I couldn’t afford to go and literally didn’t have enough money for kosher grocery this moment. I then remembered the words of Hashem: “You shall not covet the home of your fellow, nor his spouse or servants or animals, or anything that belongs to your fellow.” (Exodus 20:14).

I then began watching Rabbi Mizrachi’s video where he says that one who has total faith and confidence in Hashem will always be provided for. While paying deep attention to the message of the rabbi, suddenly my dad walks in the room and hands me a letter in the mail. I open it up thinking its about over due payment for my insurance, and then boom, it was a 200 dollar check from a source I definitely did not deserve. How great is our G-D??!! He hears your prayers and your tears, what we need to do is let go of our worries and trust that our Father who loves us will always help us no matter what.

I am so touched by this miracle, as we all know there is NO SUCH THING as coincidence in Judaism, Hashem and his divine providence always comes at the perfect time. I now can go and buy some kosher food. Baruch Hashem!

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