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Can’t afford moving closer to shul

For my orthodox convrsion i’m supposed to move closer to my community, but i can’t afford any of the apartments there. I live in the most expensive city in my country, and the shul happens to be located in the center of the city, where housing is so so expensive. i’m disabled, i don’t earn a lot of money as is.

I can only reach shul by using public transport (takes like 15 minutes and another 15 minutes spent walking) and i use an already paid for annual ticket. I know it’s not permitted in orthodox judaism but i don’t have another choice at the moment

Is this just the end of what I dreamed off for so long? Am I just never gonna be jewish because of my financial situation?

I’m so saddened and hurt, this has been my dream for years and now it feels like it’s slipping away from me because of something out of my control

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