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Can you show me where to find poetry that’s the same as in the Bible(Ecclesiastes,Psalms,SoS, Job) or authors that write this kind of poetry?

I’m sure you guys are already very familiar with the poetry in the Jewish Bible, so I won’t get into too many details. Essentially I am looking for poetry with nihilism, cynicism, vanity of the world, betrayal, pessimism, etc. as the theme. I am almost certain that this is a popular type of poetry among ancient Jewish poets seeing how prevalent it is in the Bible. I have read the Jewish poetry books many times and I am looking for other poems as something new. Googling didn’t help much and I didn’t want to waste too much effort searching on the internet for these poems before asking on here first.

I just want poetry like when Job deplores his birth in Ch. 3 of Job; when Solomon speaks about how pointless the world is; or when David talks about G-d’s help, G-d’s wisdom, how evil prevails, betrayal by your friends, etc.

Thanks in advance.

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