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Can I bring a kirpan into a synagogue?

I’m an amritdhari Sikh. A few weeks ago, our congregation held an interfaith event and there were a couple rabbis who invited us to visit their synagogue. We (the group who invited the rabbis) would like to take them up on their invitation.

My question is, after the shooting in Pittsburgh, when people were saying that there should be more security in synagogues, there were others saying it’s against Jewish law to bring weapons in a synagogue. As an amritdhari Sikh, I am required to have a kirpan on me at all times (I wear it to bed and in the shower). A kirpan is a small sword that can range from 2-12 inches long and it’s both a reminder and enabler that we must stand for justice and against oppression. When the rabbis invited us to the synagogue, they didn’t say anything about it and I was wearing traditional Sikh clothing so it was visible, but I am still not sure if there would be an issue with bringing it to the synagogue.

Should I email them and explain what it is? Wear it under my clothes? Or should I just not go?

If it’s relevant, I think it’s a conservative synagogue.

Sidenote: I know that men are required to wear a kippah in a synagogue, but are women required to wear anything? I wear a turban, would that be acceptable or would I be expected to wear something else? The turban can’t come off either and it’s generally frowned upon to wear something under/on/in place of it.

If there’s anything else you think I should know about visiting, feel free to comment. Thank you in advance 🙂

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