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Can anyone share some of their shidduch dating experiences? Is it worth it? And do you think it’s wrong for a person in the process of converting to go on shidduch dates? How did you meet your spouse and/or fiancé? If not through shidduchim, how should a 21 MO girl go about meeting her bashert?

My sponsoring rabbi informed me that it is okay but I’m not too sure what the rabbis at the Beth Din will think since I know there’s different opinions on dating while converting to Orthodox Judaism. I am lonely and would really like to build a connection with someone and after going to the mikvah and completing my conversion, get married and start a family. I know I shouldn’t put too much emphasis on finding a future husband but people usually go on shidduchim to find someone to marry so I don’t think there’s much of a difference. I am a very antsy person and tend to put a lot of pressure on myself (not just to find someone but lots of other things) and also overthink. I went to a shiur on last weeks parsha and was moved as the rabbi said “if we keep looking for inner peace we will never find it because that means we are focused on being happy for ourselves and not Hashem, we will never reach inner peace if we are constantly obsessing about it and making it something egotistical”. I ended up incorporating that in the same way as finding my bashert. Is it true if I keep obsessing about finding him I never will? But if I don’t look how will I find a husband and continue adding to the Jewish people?

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