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Can a non-jewish person wear a kippah? (I think the correct term

I am an atheist, my soon-to-be step mom is Jewish, and my dad-her fiance is Christian but very loosely. My step mom was recently talking to my dad and my grandma about their wedding plans while we waited out the rain before heading into a restaurant. I was just asking what my role will be and how much of the wedding if not the whole thing will be done in Judaic tradition I guess. She described it and it all seemed nice but then she TOLD me I would be wearing a Kippah or Yamaka, whichever name is more acceptable.

Keep in mind I’ll be 19 in a few weeks. So besides how I feel about it, is it even a good idea to have me wearing a Kippah as a groomsman during the ceremony? I looked up why they’re worn and I guess it’s worn during prayer to cover the head and I think to distinguish Jewish men from non-believers. I mean I’ve been to mass before and when going up to get blessed I was told to cross my arms across my chest because I’m not Catholic and not take the bread, and then the priest blessed me as a non-catholic.

If it makes them both happy then I will suck it up and wear it, but if it’s not advisable or if it’s not offensive to refuse to wear it during the ceremony, I would really like to not wear it. I just wouldn’t feel right wearing it as an atheist and also because I don’t like being told what to wear in such a rude way. Also, my dad apparently will not be wearing one, so I don’t see how it’s appropriate to tell me to wear it.

If I sounded ignorant at all I apologize. I’d appreciate any response because religious type of representation is important to me even if it means in my case staying away from it. Thanks.

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