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Birthright exceptions

So, I’ve been exploring Judaism for about three years now. Was looking into an Orthodox one, but a friend convinced me to sign up for a Conservative one, for now.

I know Birthright just updated the age limit to 32. I just turned 33 about six months ago. They said there can be exceptions if you have just went past the age limit. They told me I can still apply.

I did, however, go on a young adult trip I paid for to Israel about three years ago with a Jewish organization when I was exploring Judaism. We toured Israel, but the organization focused more on its own charitable projects there versus being an education tour.

Would this trip disqualify me? I would’ve taken it when I was still a non-Jew, so since I would have a new identity as a Jew a couple months from now, with a new Hebrew name and everything, I would think something I did as a non-Jew three years ago wouldn’t count?

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