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Birkat hamazon blessing on Jerusalem is profoundly beautiful (you can read it on sefaria)

I just think the birkat hamazon blessing on Jerusalem is so beautiful. The blessing is about the connection between Hashem, his people, and the land of Israel. Judaism is special and different from other religions because it’s the story of a unique people. It is just so amazing to me. To think that the Jewish people of today can go to modern day Jerusalem in the Jewish state of Israel and see the thriving, bustling city is mind blowing!! I think of what a profound blessing it is that Jewish people can support the Jewish state and demonstrate ahavat yisrael. Judaism, in my opinion, is about being connected to your heritage, your community, and your people. Jewish people have their own unique history, heritage, identity and most importantly you have a people. To all Jewish people who fulfill the mitzvah of ahavat yisrael, thank you for what you do!!! You are a blessing!!

I just want to add that I love learning about Judaism as a non Jewish person. I’ve seen videos on YouTube by shalom Hartman institute, jbs, seen videos by Jewish intellectuals like Micah goodman, Caroline glick, I’ve seen the debates etc. it’s fascinating and very entertaining to learn more about Judaism and Jewish history!!! 😊

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