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Biblical Circumcision?

How much of the foreskin should be removed for a circumcision to count for a Conservative convert?

Someone pointed out to me that the biblical circumcision cuts only the tip of the foreskin with the tip of the head showing (flaccid).

That’s the Circumcision I got as a child. I thought I was going to have to have it cut all the way.

Which is correct?

I see you have the partial circumcision. They only cut off the tip? This is very interesting because it sounds like you were given the biblical circumcision. Here is the difference:

“Mitzvah 308 is talking about the skin; to modify the skin, to peel the skin, to wound the skin” (Chabad website video). This is located at: 9:28 – 9:38 of video:

You are not allowed to tamper with signs of Tzara’at: peeling back the mucosal tissue during a circumcision, which wounds the tissue and modifies the tissue. Amputating the mucosal tissue is another example of wounding the tissue. Tampering with signs of Tzara’at is what Priah entails. Priah is a man made addition to the authentic Brit Milah. Authentic Brit Milah consists of pulling gently at the tip of the foreskin: north-east-west part followed by placing shield on followed by cutting off the phimotic ring. North is in reference to the dorsal side of penis. The reason this is important is because the frenulum is on the ventral side, which is a very important aspect of the penis.

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