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Beginning a Journey

I’m mostly just posting to get my feelings out and to start the conversation on multiple fronts. After years of research and study on religion (by far one of my favorite things to research) and Judaism, in general, I started a process with a conservative Synagogue to convert to Judaism.

I’m scared, as an anxious individual, of how I will be accepted both by the community and within my own family/life. Though I know in my heart this is the best possible path to begin, even if in the end I don’t complete the process. Tomorrow I begin a Hebrew 101 course at the Synagogue. I’m the fall I start a year-long conversion/beginner class as well. I’ve been reading the weekly Torah portions both online and from the Etz Hayim which is a book required for the class come fall.

I’m reading a bunch of other books in preparation as I want to take this as seriously as possible, my goal is conversion. But in many ways, I want to earn my place and understand exactly what I’m getting into.

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