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Basic question written vs oral Torah

Hello all. First I want to say that I’ve really enjoyed this sub. About three years ago, right before my daughter was born, I started to make an effort to know more about Judaism. I grew up on a conservative and then reform synagogue. Did Hebrew school through high school and was deeply involved with BBYO. Was always able to get through services just on memory but realized how little I actually knew and wanted to make sure I can answer most questions or know where to look if my kids ever asked. So I started going to Torah study, talk with my rabbi and do independent studying. This sub has been great and has challenged me and allowed me to challenge others. So thanks!

My basic question is what is the reason given to have the oral and written Torah’s separate? It seems to me that it should be one document if they were both given at Sinai.

To me it seems that some of the oral Torah was in place well before the fall on the second temple but that with the fall of the temple it was expanded to reflect the new reality of Judaism.

What is the official reason for two Torah’s?

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