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Ba’al Teshuva question about Orthodox dating/marriage

Hi all – I’m a 30 year old Jewish guy living in NYC. I have a question that is very specific to my situation. Do Orthodox Shuls in NYC sometimes facilitate marriage proposals these days? I have heard conflicting information about this.

I was born and raised in the USA. Both my parents are Jewish and I was raised attending a conservative synagogue and not keeping kosher or shabbat. I consider myself ba’al teshuva – I have gradually over the past year started keeping kosher, keeping the sabbath, wearing a kippah all the time, etc.

I am sick of trying to find religious Jewish girls at synagogue or via apps like jswipe that I would want to marry. Does anyone know if the old-school marriage proposals facilitated by Orthodox Rabbis still happen?

I can give more personal background if that might be helpful. Thank you

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