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An explanation of the alleged griefing of a Minecraft synagogue by r/atheism trolls

For those of you who aren’t aware, a few hours ago a post was made showing a picture of the interior of a Minecraft synagogue filled with lava and fire and claiming it was the work of r/atheism raiders. Obviously this situation looks bad, especially when you consider it’s Holocaust Remembrance Day and the shooting that happened very recently. But I did some detective work and found the true culprit of the incident.

I came across the backstory to this post by sheer unlikely coincidence, so I blame nobody for assuming it to be true. Before I talk about the definitive proof, I wish to explain some already apparent red flags. The first is visible in the picture itself; a sign reading “chungus died for our sins,” obviously with a very heavy level of irony that indicates that the synagogue wasn’t built with reverence in mind. The second is the user’s post history, which shows he is active on a subreddit used mainly by iFunny users with a very irony-heavy sense of humor. One of his posts could even be interpreted as slightly anti-Semitic. Obviously at this point we can see that iFunny is involved somehow, and it’s no coincidence that this happened around the same time that iFunny trolls raided the r/atheism Minecraft server (Picture 2).

While on the r/atheism Discord, I met a few of the iFunny users who had joined as well. Some were obnoxious trolls, and some wanted to simply build and share their beliefs and weren’t rude to us. The ones that were trolls had their own Discord server (which I joined because I didn’t fully understand their malicious intent and because I just wanted to make my first big build no matter who it was with or what it was) where they planned their builds, but when all of the trolls were banned they decided to use the server to organize their own Minecraft server. (Picture 3). I never joined the Minecraft server, but what happened next is the cause of this controversy.

The creator of the server, and the person who made the controversial post is an iFunny user named iAdrianShephard. His posts on iFunny also prove his guilt in creating this controversy (Picture 1 depicts someone associated with his group’s iFunny post) While I never logged on to the server, he later @everyone’d the server and told us to take a screenshot of the raid. When I asked about the raid, he replied that the Minecraft server had been raided, and implied he was planning a false flag move (Picture 4). Whether or not he made up the raid or the atheists had actually raided not knowing they were griefing a Minecraft synagogue is unknown to me, but he posted a screenshot of the aftermath, which is the post you see now. The post being on Holocaust Remembrance Day was a complete coincidence, surprisingly, but unsurprisingly, they went along with it when they realized today’s significance.

I made this post because I didn’t want the strife that the post caused between these two subreddits to continue when I knew for a fact what actually happened. I hope this post helps to mitigate the bitterness the two subreddits are feeling towards each other right now before it gets out of hand.


EDIT: Added images for proof. EDIT 2: Added some more info.

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