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To all of you out there, my people that I hold dear, this is the first time I’m posting here, I do hope you’re having a good week. I have returned to Uruguay right now, I used to live in Israel (just wanted to there, go home), worked in egypt for the mfo, and then moved to Spain. While in spain (Bilbao) there weren’t other jews to hang out with, no snoga, no activities… now I have returned to Uruguay to finish my other career (psychology), and at the end I would like to go to Italy perhaps… what do you think? I don’t know if there’s a community there, but FOR ME it is important, to talk about traditions, the torah, make jokes between us. While in spain, I used to wear my kippah every day and felt like an outsider, seemed that in the north there was a lot of time no one saw a jew. What do you think about the decision? Is Italy a good choice or should I Look elsewhere? Was thinking to go to campania, either salerno or napoli I do sorry for bothering or boring any of you, just wanted to write something. I’ll try to answer questions as best I can

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