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Advice tracing Jewish heritage?

Hi everyone, please let me know if this post is not allowed – apologies in advance if that is the case. Overall CW: Germany in the 1930s context.

I am feeling a bit lost and like my identity has been torn apart lately as I keep learning things I never knew and wasn’t told by family members before they passed. I’ve been looking into my family history for various reasons and it’s become apparent that my family in Germany were extremely likely to be Jewish. My mother had told me they were all Jewish before, and the more I dig, the more it looks like it based on the stories I’ve been told. Happy to share more if useful, but they’re incredibly sad and limited. I assume they hid this identity to survive via marriages/conversions for my great grandmother, but I’m unsure how to find out more — if it’s even possible? I’ve been looking through lot a of Jewish Archives and I find so many names and people that are almost exactly the same but something is always slightly off. I’m not sure whether I’d need to attempt to go further back or if I should give up on this journey.

I’m struggling to know how else to go about tracing this heritage, as I’d love to have more evidence/definitive proof as I would like to get in touch with local synagogues and speak to discuss with the community how to navigate learning more and returning back to this Jewish heritage. Of course, what I don’t want to do is waste peoples time if it so comes that we cannot prove this heritage or if it was not the case and the family was simply protecting/hiding other Jewish families at the time. Thanks in advance for reading or for providing any thoughts.

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