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Advice Needed

So, just for background: my immediate family doesn’t really practice any religion. I would describe my father as an atheist, and my mother is spiritual in some sense, but doesn’t really practice a specific religion. For my whole life I have known that my great-grandmother was Jewish, but did not raise her children in a Jewish household due to the fact that she intermarried. Later in her life, however, she told her family about her heritage and how she had hidden it because my great-grandfather would not have married her if he had known. My mother and grandmother, specifically have both made an effort to learn a little more on Judaism since then (a lot of other relatives don’t really acknowledge it).

Various friends of mine have been been signing up for birthright–that’s where all my doubts began. At some point the idea of possibly having to “prove” my heritage stuck with me, and I realized that although it’s never something my family has questioned, it also isn’t something I have concrete proof of. I’m honestly a little bit shaken by the whole thing.

I want to start practicing Judaism, but I am unsure as to how I should proceed in light of everything. Should I convert? (Since I haven’t been able to find a single record to back up what I have been told). Any advice, help, or resources would be greatly appreciated!

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