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Addressing a rabbi

Hey all. I’m converting with a Modern Orthodox shul and gave my first Dvar Torah yesterday—a true shehecheyanu moment! I thought it went well. The rabbi and some of my fellow beginners liked and complimented it and even asked for copies. I now want to share it with the rabbi with whom I first studied, as a student in her class. In our limited correspondence after the class, she always signed with her first name only. Despite this, I always addressed her Rabbi Last Name—until I noticed that people on her personal Facebook (she friended us, her students) were calling her Rabbi First Name. So in my last post to her wall, on her birthday, I called her Rabbi First Name like many others. But now that I’m writing to her again, I’m not so sure anymore. I still consider myself to be her student, even though I literally no longer am. If it matters, she considers herself unaffiliated, but said that if forced, would say she’s more Reconstructionist. Thoughts?

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