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Chavurah Worldwide

Candidates, Calculus and the Iran Crisis

I had the distinct honor and pleasure of speaking with the members of the Greater Des Moines Committee on Foreign Relations this past Tuesday around…

All Things Jewish! – September 18, 2019

The place for anything Jewish, regardless of how related or distant. Jokes, photos, culture, food, whatever. submitted by /u/AutoModerator [link] [comments] Source: Reditt

Wolves in sheep’s clothing

For the record, I am not Jewish and I’m white. Certain subreddits dedicated to hate are growing even larger, I have tried to debate them…


So today at high school they all want us to sit in this stupid beecher before we go to 1 peroid. And this guy was…

Religious Question from a Gentile Author.

I’m writing a fiction novel and one of the scenes would involve my MC and friends staying in a Jewish man’s house over the Sabbath.…

The Comments are Golden

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