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חג שמח!

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Seriously Questioning

Hello everyone! Obligatory long-time lurker, first time poster and apologies that this is a long post for a redundant topic. The backstory: I was raised…

Isolated and uneducated for Pesach

Halfway through searching for chametz in my house, I realized how much of a useless faker I am and became extremely discouraged. Though I’m Agnostic…

Happy Pesach!!!!

May you all experience freedom and have a good Pesach submitted by /u/namer98 [link] [comments] Source: Reditt

תלמה ללא חשש קטניות. Telma Kitniot free Telma has kitniot free Mayo “spread”. “ממרח” מיונז תלמה. ללא חשש קטניות!!! submitted by /u/JerusalemFriend [link] [comments] Source: Reditt


It’s simple, but it’s how my Dad proposed to my Mom. During the Seder, he waited until just after the four questions were asked, and…