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How do i get back into judaism?

I have a temple that I go to, and it’s nice. however i have depression and anxiety that makes me feel like i’m not there. This is probably not the best place to get. (and I will get mental help soon). When I was there, yeah i was happy to be there, but I feel sad. I feel disconnected from the other people there. I’m not being bullied or anything. I really really want to be interested in judaism and go to temple, but i can’t help but feel sad when i’m there, even with people. I’ll be going on a cruise ship and will be celebrating passover on it. I hope this can bring some jewish spark back to me. I don’t feel like i have God right now. It’s almost like i’m not a jew. I feel like i did something wrong. i should be interested in it, but i don’t really get any enjoyment from it or anything.

I will get help

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