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Posts published in “Turkey”

Trump's total capitulation to Turkey's Erdogan

The Trump-Erdogan love-in at the White House was deeply unedifying – and disturbing. The U.S. president has became the authoritarian Erdogan’s sock puppet, begging the…

Trump is complicit in Erdogan's ethnic cleansing

What Turkey’s president is openly planning is the forced exchange of one ethnic population for another. That’s Ethnic Cleansing 101. And Trump rolled over to…

Erdogan has just made a huge mistake

By cancelling the Istanbul elections, Erdogan has annulled a core tenet of democracy in Turkey. But it’s not an act of power: it’s an act…

How Erdogan got Egypt into bed with Israel

The only reason the whole east Mediterranean is working with Egypt, not Turkey, is Erdogan’s bloody-mindedness and penchant for making enemies Source: