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Posts published in “Neo-Nazis”

Fascists' terrifying solution to the climate crisis

White-nationalist terrorists have cited concern for the environment as justification for their decision to kill, signalling the rise of eco-fascism Source:

Why neo-Nazis love the BDS movement so much

‘Stop Zionism!’ ‘Israel is our misfortune!’ Who said it: ‘progressive’ supporters of the boycott Israel movement – or U.S. white supremacists and German neo-Nazis? Source:…

Fascism is now fashionable in Italy (again)

Neo-fascism and a populist glorification of Mussolini’s WWII regime is contaminating Italy’s culture and politics, from street gangs to intellectual salons to the highest levels…

Germany still has a Holocaust problem

40 years ago a U.S. TV series, initially slammed as ‘cheap’ and ‘kitsch,’ forced West Germans to confront the Holocaust. Today, 40 percent of German…