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Posts published in “Israeli Arabs”

A state on the edge of the abyss

It’s a shame that Benny Gantz and his partners are trying to mimic Likud instead of presenting a program to pull Israeli society – its…

Kahanism: Last refuge of a scoundrel

Every person of conscience must imagine a leader of any country accusing a political opponent of relying on ‘Jewish votes’ Source:

The Israeli Arab voters are trapped in a bottle

Former Israeli Army Chief-of-Staff Rafael Eitan wanted the Arabs to be like drugged cockroaches in a bottle. In some areas, this wish has already come…

Saving the Arab vote

The sensational departure from the Joint List of MK Ahmad Tibi, chairman of Ta’al, together with his party colleagues, shook up the market for division…

The leadership gap among Israeli Arabs

Two-thirds of Haifa’s Arabs rejected the communist-front party led by Raja Za’atry, and didn’t want him as deputy mayor Source: