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Posts published in “Donald Trump”

Spirit of the commander

That the New Zealand murderer saw Trump as a symbol of white identity shows the grave danger in Netanyahu’s incitement against Arabs Source:

Is Jared Kushner dangerous for America?

Middle East states have leverage on Jared Kushner, Trump’s most incompetent, greedy princeling and key ‘architect’ of his Mideast strategy. How badly compromised is he?…

Trump just gave the finger to his Jewish voters

Trump is retreating from Syria – and from his pro-Israel Jewish conservative voters. If that decision is a harbinger of other strategic moves distancing him…

Thank you, Trump, for getting out of Syria

The decision will force Israel to reduce its intoxication with power. Relying exclusively on military might has never worked in the long run Source:

Say what you like about the Jews. Up to a point

Exactly when fringe, anti-Semitic freaks have become mainstream political leaders, anti-racist watchdogs mandated to confront hate, like Amnesty and the ADL, have shown they can’t…