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Posts published in “Benny Gantz”

A victory for Bibi-ism

It wasn’t the man himself who pulled off his fifth term, but his ideology Source:

Blue and white blood in Israeli election

The problem is that ‘opposition’ candidates Benny Gantz, Yair Lapid and generations of Israelis suckled an outsized fear of anti-Semitism with their mother’s milk Source:…

Yes, Israel still needs the Labor Party

No real change will come with the help of Benny Gantz’s troops alone. They desperately need a strong, living, breathing Zionist left Source:

A military coup coming to replace Netanyahu

Maybe it isn’t surprising that a system whose task is to fight Israel’s real enemies rebels against Netanyahu, the expert in inventing imaginary foes Source:…

Leftists, don't jump ship

Despite the deep desire of all those who hate Benjamin Netanyahu to finally see him ousted after so many difficult years, abandoning the left in…

Unite to change the government

Joining Yesh Atid isn’t enough. The center-left camp needs the Labor Party headed by Avi Gabbay by its side, and must expand its political ranks…

At least Gantz didn’t spew hatred

The most refreshing part of Gantz’s speech is what it was missing: the incitement Source: