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Posts published in “Benjamin Netanyahu”

At least Gantz didn’t spew hatred

The most refreshing part of Gantz’s speech is what it was missing: the incitement Source:

These are the odds Netanyahu will lose In 2019

Benjamin Netanyahu is vulnerable. His desperation is showing of late, as is his weariness. It’s not a good look for him. But what’s the chance…

Who’s afraid of transparency?

Despite opposition from Netanyahu and the Likud, further restrictions on election propaganda is needed to safeguard democratic values Source:

What happens when Bibi is gone?

We’ve resigned ourselves to the idea that government is corrupt. Take a lesson from the settlement division. We’ll find ourselves facing the Bennetts, Shakeds and…

A cover for home-grown terrorism

Netanyahu has made an art form of keeping mum on Jewish terror. This is all additional evidence of the power wielded by the far–right Kahanists…

Don’t forget, don’t forgive

Elections are a game of strategy, which is why the next three and a half months must be devoted to just one thing: a detailed,…

Israel's attorney general must decide now on Netanyahu

If Avichai Mendelblit tarries, he’ll simply continue to let the prime minister use his political power to fight the corruption allegations against him Source:

Shooting at soldiers of occupation is legitimate

And unfortunately, in Ofra, Hebron and all the territories occupied in the 1967 war, Israel is a nation and army of occupation Source:

If they come to boycott you, fire them first

The Netanyahu government’s ‘diplomatic achievement’ in getting U.S. states to bar public employees from supporting a boycott of Israel is backfiring badly Source:

Luring the Haredim backward

The allowances and support for yeshivas must be gradually stopped, as they provide a disincentive for Haredim to integrate into the labor market, something that…

Israeli non-racists, first we take Haifa!

Netanyahu is upset because, according to an agreement in Haifa, the new Jewish mayor must condemn all expressions of racism, even if it comes from…