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YouTube shorts and the promotion of an antisemitic platform? –Has anyone else experienced this?

I’m not knowledgeable regarding how social media algorithms function, but within the past several weeks YouTube shorts have been suggesting what seems to be more and more Holocaust related video such as clips from The Painiest to graphic clips from Schindler’s List. I’d pass this off as a fluke and assumption that it’s a cycle where it shows more as I watch more because it shows more, however the comments on these videos have been people saying how their suggestions is showing more of these videos as well… so its definitely not just my personalized video feed. YouTube is showing this to a LOT of people.

The comments are more and more riddled with antisemitism and conspiracies. Some denying the Holocaust, others saying how “[they] are preparing us for what’s to come” etc.

I think Holocaust education is important and believe these films are instrumental to educating the public and future generations, however I’m also concerned that it being “suggested” to people in such a way will only increase conspiracies and antisemitism.

Am I over thinking it?

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