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Your take on Judaism as an ethnicity

Yeah I know this probably comes up every once in a while but I’m curious to see your answers.

Is Judaism an ethnicity in your opinion? I don’t know my opinion on this topic. I find it hard to define an ethnicity that is so diverse and includes Ethiopians, Yemenites, Germans and Americans.

It’s probably more of an identity crisis I guess. Am I a jew? Am I Polish like my grandma? Am I Iraqi like my grandpa? Am I Spanish like my great grandpa? Am I white or just a white passing pale as a wall guy with green eyes?

I know it’s probably not single minded definition, but I’m honestly curious about your take on the subject.

( if this comes out as racist in anyway it is definitely not what I intended and I do apologize as it probably sounds less racist in my non native speaker mind 😅)

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