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Young Adult Jew becoming more religious and Pesach

I grew up in an extremely reform environment. We barely even had Shabbat dinner let alone practice Pesach when I was a child. As I become older and more religious, this will be one of my first years actually practicing Pesach. I am unable to make an appointment with a Rabbi to due school testing among other complications. I’ve got it partially figured out but I do have some questions. 1. When not going to services, what do you add/take away to your prayers when davening? I haven’t been able to find good resources on this. 2. Which days of Pesach do you not use electricity/do work? I’ve seen multiple different answers for this and I’m a bit confused. 3. What everyday foods that one might eat that are not kosher for Pesach. Again, I am very new to practicing Jewish holidays and I’m not exactly sure what to do. I apologize if any answer is easier to find than I thought or if I worded things incorrectly. Thanks for the help!

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