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You guys know mizrachim exist right?

I keep on seeing these videos, clips and story’s of American Jews saying that their whole lives they were presented with the Israeli side of the story and that when they got older and learned the story of the Palestinians and the nakba they “realized” who the real oppressed people are. That Israel stole the land, culture, food and music.

As a Jew whose family of from Iraq, whose family is not white, whose family was tortured and persecuted, who experienced programs and restrictions on religious practice and financial capabilities, I cannot stand when white American Jews say stuff like this.

Do you know we exist?

Do you know not all Jews eat gifilta fish and speak Yiddish or come from Europe? Did you know there Jews hundreds of thousands of Jews that were subjugated and dehumanized by Arab governments?

When I was an undergrad and I read Orientalism by Edward Said, I was surprised by the complete lack of acknowledgement of middle eastern Jews. If you gain your understanding of the region from sources like him you wouldn’t even know there were ever Jews in Baghdad, Damascus or Cairo. I know academics are disingenuous and slanted so I get that, but when it’s coming from my own people it really feels personal.

You know we also grew up eating felafel and listening to Oum Kalthoum that not all Israelis and Jews are European colonizers and culture appropriators.

I know most of you on the sub know this I just needed somewhere to rant. We were already completely ethnically cleansed from our old countries and now it seems like there are people trying to suggest we never even existed. It feels like they are trying to erase our history and nobody cares.

Edit: To the people who feel personally attacked: I did not mean to attack you. The language I used was simply a response to the common language I’ve been hearing especially in anti Zionist circles. I do not mean to reinforce anti Semitic stereotypes. I believe our diversity is a strength and that it is beautiful that we are reunited again. I just needed a place to say this, so thank you for that.

Am Yisrael Chai ✊

Second Edit: my wording in the second to last paragraph isn’t great and doesn’t accurately represent my views but whatever I already wrote it.

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