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Yeshiva edu. Essay

For a class I am taking I need to write a 1500 word paper on a problem and propose a solution. With Yeshiva edu. being in the news I thought I could do my essay on that . I have never attended a Yeshiva and I don’t know anyone who has, so I thought I would get others opinions on the education system. (this paper is for a class and will get deleted when I graduate in a few months, there is no need for any fights to break out in the comments)

From what I understand the biggest “issues” are: – corporal punishment (this happens still in some schools near me even with it being illegal so IDK what to say about that)

  • EXTREMELY low reading and math scores

  • not a lot of english or math classes and in some schools no history or science

  • they are private schools that receive public funds

A lot of my questions/comments come to this: – why not teach secular subjects to meet the state minimums, I don’t really see how doing that can hurt someone’s religious education (especially if you have a “continuing education” path for when students graduate that they can take to continue their religious education if they don’t want to move on to a more religious college) – I understand the idea that it’s not needed for the lives many live in the communities, but again why not? I take Statistics and Forensics even though I will NEVER use them in my life – Why not teach secular classes and make them religious (English; Write a narrative story from someone in the Torahs POV, write a problem solution paper for issues in the community or write a research paper for an influential religious figure) – why not give students a secular education in addition to their religious so that they, if they want to, can do what they want to in the future like medicine or law or jobs that can help the community, I can only imagine how much healthcare would improve if their doctors understand their religious beliefs

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