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yarmulke employment troubles

I’m looking for a job in a state with a non-existent Jewish community, where I grew up Reform but have recently become Frum. (Am I a Refrum Jew?)

My yarmulke has been making it exceedingly difficult to find employment. They ask me questions about diversity, I mention that I used to be a social justice activist. I mention I was inspired to start wearing kippah partially because of a hijabed Muslim activist friend whom I tutored through her last semester of college. I felt humbled and cowardly next to her. “Don’t take off your hijab, no matter how hard it gets. Don’t assimilate like we did” I said, and she said “well, why don’t you put your yarmulke back on?” So I did.

I wish I could tell you that when I did, that I saw I’d only been silly all along, and that there was nothing to be afraid of.

I keep getting hired and then let go. No warnings, no second chances. Nobody ever seems to give reasons related to performance or specific events, just tell me I’m “not a good fit.” Most recently, I was a temp at an IT job for an accounting firm. I hustled and did my best. They wanted to keep me on full-time, but I’d have to work occasional Saturdays and I refused. It was painful to walk away from that.

But I’m not taking the yarmulke off, no matter how difficult it gets.

Shabbat Shalom

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